the advised and recommended dosage for the overall use of aromatic and medicinal plants is 60 grams of fresh parts per liter of water or 30 grams of dry parts per liter of water.

Indeed, the volume of plant parts to be used varies according to their physical states.

The parts of medicinal and aromatic plants concentrate the benefits of active ingredients when they are dry because the process of evaporation of water and or solar radiation increases the production of active molecules. Dosage doses and duration of treatment vary depending on the age, weight, medical condition or build of the individual. The doses are adapted for children according to their age.

From 14 years old the dosage will be more according to their weight. This dosage will be prescribed at 80% of the adult dose.

From 55 to 60 kilos, the dosage prescribed for an adult is now recommended.

Dosage according to age for children

For infants under 1 year old 5% of the dose is prescribed children under 2 years old 10% of the dose is prescribed.

For children 2 and 4 years old 20% of the adult dose is prescribed.

For children 5-7 years old 30% of the adult dose is prescribed.

For children 7 to 9 years old 40% of the adult dose is prescribed.

For children 9-11 years old 50% of the adult dose is prescribed.

For children 11-13 years old 60% of the adult dose is prescribed.

Dosage by weight for children


From 10 to 20 kilograms 15% of the adult dose is prescribed.

From 20 to 30 kilograms 30% of the adult dose is prescribed.

From 30 to 40 kilograms 50% of the adult dose is prescribed.

Precaution for use

Find out and respect the contraindications or other warnings that there may be in certain dosage the active molecules of the plants used can have different effects depending on the initial state of health before using a remedy of medicinal plants by example, certain plants or other plants are not recommended or prohibited. It is everyone's responsibility to observe and respect them. Fresh plants should always be washed thoroughly with the purest water possible. Unless otherwise specified, no salt or sugar is added to the following preparations. The shelf life according to the preparation must be respected because the active ingredients of the plants are not stable and undergo changes over time, for example an herbal tea cannot be kept for more than 48 hours. In a large part of the cases the preparation must be kept cool and dry in a place away from light.

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