Pigeon peas

planting and first harvest

I planted 40 plants in December 2017 and harvested in December 2018. 37 plants gave fruit for a yield of 237g per bush. Not all trees give pods at the same time. The other plants were damaged by passing animals in the garden. The harvest was carried out at the end of December, it gave 8.769 kilograms of pods on an area of ​​10 square meters of calcareous and draining soil. Dry pods contain 40% of their weight in seeds and mature pods contain about 60% seeds. It was spread over about 6 months the last flowers came out at the end of April the month of May was the last month of harvest.

second harvest

A harvest not as expected this year 2019 the results on 17 shrubs are average, this harvest was done in several times to allow time for the other pods to be ready indeed it is preferable that the pods be harvested dry to avoid worries moisture during transport outside the department.

December 9, 366 g

December 13, 422g

December 19, 269 g

December 29, 222g

for a total of 1.279 kg weight with pods it was mostly dry because I didn't have time to take them earlier, when it was ready, that is to say when the pods are green but the seeds are firm inside.

I plan to harvest until the end of its annual production so I will have an indication of the duration of fruiting and its yield The regular harvest prevents the peas from being attacked by insects which are fond of them because in case of abundance they proliferate very quickly. January 14, 2020 101g January 23, 2020 483g January 31, 2020 346 g The peas can be found on the internet to my great joy on eBay on the image about 700 grams of pigeon peas for more than one kilogram of shelled dry pods February 28, 2020 Month of May the island is affected by the covid19 virus as a result of travel restrictions have been made confinement, curfew restriction of transport travel and the closure of certain businesses the pigeon pea harvest has been compromised I do not I was able to move only once in March because I was not transported and the rate of harvesting decreased on March 12, 2020 1187 g April 10, 2020 1047g April 15, 2020 426g April 29, 2020 806g This is the result of my second harvest on the small plantation so I had published an article with details on its evolution. you can access this article on this link Pigeon peas

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