Pigeon peas

Cajanus cajan

Pigeon pea is a legume that is planted to be harvested annually for the end-of-year celebrations in the West Indies, this shrubby plant very widespread in the Caribbean grows without difficulty with good production. there are many recipes to cook and taste accompanied by yams and pork prepared and seasoned for the occasion They are consumed as a substitute for coffee because it is a natural tonic without the sometimes undesirable effects of caffeine.

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I planted 40 plants in December 2017 and harvested in December 2018. 37 plants gave fruit for a yield of 237g per bush. Not all trees give pods at the same time. The other plants were damaged by passing animals in the garden. The harvest was carried out at the end of December, it gave 8.769 kilograms of pods on an area of ​​10 square meters of calcareous and draining soil. Dry pods contain 40% of their weight in seeds and mature pods contain about 60% seeds. To follow the evolution of this plantation click on this link Micro-cultures



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a little short video on my first harvest of pigeon peas planted in December 2017. And 1 year later the time for picking arrived. in the meantime a very perennial plant called paroka shares the environment of the culture This video served me as a note initially so not intended to be published normally but I wanted to share my feelings at this time activate the translation if you want to better understand this I say because I don't speak very loudly Thank you for your time granted

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