The passion to cultivate


Start of the project

long before I got a place where I expressed my passion for botany, I started under the balcony and the veranda of the parental apartment. By optimizing the spaces as best as possible, I started a collection of aromatic and medicinal plants such as basil, twa tass, coclaria, Caribbean verbena, doliprane, large thyme, purslane. And needle threads of shrubs and fruit trees that we Commonly found on the island are agaves and also palm trees.


Later, the family home was entrusted to me and I was immediately attracted by the backyard and I decided to create a garden in which I would take pleasure in benefiting from its nutritional as well as medicinal benefits.


At this time on this video we can see that the space is not fully exploited I am carrying out tests which will determine the plantations best suited to the environment of the garden

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