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Easy to grow and fast growing it flowers all year round it is a plant that is both aromatic and medicinal perfume it is used all over the world for its virtues. there are other phenotypes such as basil with small leaves, lemon, purple, cinnamon, all with various smells and colors and used for different preparations. All parts of the plant are usable.

basilic citron

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the Alpinia. zerumbet belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and is native to the East Indies in the West Indies it is commonly called atoumo (A-all-ills) or (heals everything) because it has the reputation of healing all evils it is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions of South America, Oceania and Asia

Fleur atoutmo

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Above-ground plantations

In our gardens certain plants grow with varying degrees of success. This is due to the nature of the terrain on which they are installed. Soilless cultivation is a way to be able to welcome them and take care of them despite everything. The environment chosen to store your plants will determine the quality of their development. Exposure to abiotic factors such as light, wind, humidity, placement in shade, partial shade, or full sun will influence the type of care and the precautions to be taken depending on the plant species.

Bac de plantation

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Moringa has rich amounts of calcium, iron, and many other mineral salts. All parts of moringa are edible, the leaves, pods, roots and seeds of moringa have different uses and virtues.

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The jujube tree

Fresh jujube fruit 500x500

The jujube tree or more commonly called sourtier in the West Indies is a shrub that grows (in the wild) all over the Caribbean. without being cultivated it being its liveliness throughout the territory it is a robust drought-resistant tree that requires little or no maintenance

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passion fruit

Passion fruit, granadilla or maracuja as it is most often called in the West Indies, this species is cultivated in all tropical countries, the fruits are eaten when they are very slightly crumpled, and in different forms such as fruit salads, jellies , ice creams, sauces, sorbets, or in the form of fruit juices, syrups, or other cocktails and punches.

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Indian wood

Indian wood is a tree known for making bay rum with its leaves. There are three known phenotypes of Indian wood in Guadeloupe




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Native to South America and in the Caribbean, this plant has many vernacular names according to the territories where it grows, Danday, douvant-nèg, stinking verbena, Kudjuruk, douvan-douvan, garlic vine, radiated yaws, anamu, zeb simitiè ,pee root.

It grows spontaneously in shady places on the edge of houses, in fallow areas, or in humid areas of forests.

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This site is dedicated to the promotion of the Gardens of the Antilles and to the medicinal and food virtues of the plants of the Caribbean zone. The goal is that everyone, if they wish, can deepen their knowledge to create a natural, autonomous and adapted ecosystem to their needs.

Last edited: 07/06/2024